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A second-class passenger; His ticket is second-class; ( also adverb ) I'll be travelling second-class. Org, information : Vallée de la Dordogne Tourist Office - Tel : 33 (0) /. (krud) verb to destroy or eat away (as rust, chemicals etc do). Una semana/un mes sí, otra/otro no üle nädala, üle kuu joka toinen viikko, kuukausi jne. He proposed the motion and I seconded. That cat always comes off second best in a fight.

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They asked a woman with second sight where the dead body was. She's a member of the school's second swimming team. Of or in the class next after or below the first; not of the very best quality. Some listings are available in several languages. For a better experience on Facebook, update your browser. February is the second month of the year; She finished the race in second place. As a portrait painter, he is second to none. Tous les deux svaki drugi minden második héten selang-seling annan hvorn (ogni due settimane, mesi, ecc.) 2 kas antras katru otro nedu/mnesi. I heard the news at second hand. I'm having second thoughts about selling the piano.


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Orange and purple are secondary colours. A matter of secondary importance. Lesser in importance, quality etc. Next after, or following, the first in time, place etc. I have two reasons for not buying the house firstly, it's too big, and secondly it's too far from town. He comes in every second day. I'll be there in a second. A second-class restaurant; He gained a second-class honours degree in French.

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Coming after, and at a more advanced level than, primary. A person who supports and helps a person who is fighting in a boxing match etc. She wore her second-best hat; I want your best work your second-best is not good enough. A second person, thing etc. Facebook, see more of Correze athle on Facebook 329 people like this 330 people follow this, facebook 2018, photos. Choose the display languages on these pages to your order of preference by moving them. At the southernmost tip of Corrèze, not far from the Lot, Curemonte stretches out along a ridge overlooking the Sourdoire and Maumont valleys. Town hall - Tel : 33 (0). Jump to, press alt / to open this menu.

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