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The Aargau Nature Museum opened in 1922. The town is also the capital of the district of, aarau. Executive edit The executive authority is the town council ( Stadtrat ). This trend might have stopped since the turn of the 21st century. However the first mention of a city sized settlement was in 1256. It comes, along with the name of the River Aare (which was called Arula, Arola, and Araris in early times from the German Au, meaning floodplain. One of the two head offices of the Aargauer Zeitung, Switzerland's fifth largest newspaper, is located in Aarau, as are the Tele M1 television channel studios, and several radio stations. It is supplied with regional products. On rau was declared the capital of the Helvetic Republic.

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Saturday 158061Partly cloudy today with a high of 80 F (26.7 C) and a low of 61 F (16.1 C). With our websites convenient search engine, you can quickly discover. Most of the buildings in the "suburb" date from this time. Retrieved full citation needed Department of Finance and Resources (2013a). It has an area, as of 2006,.9 km2 (3.4 sq mi). They play their home games in the 3,000-seat KeBa Aarau Arena. To the south lies the Laurenzenvorstadt, that is, the part of the town formerly outside the city wall. 3: Europe and the Mediterranean Middle East (3rd.). Retrieved 15 November 2013. Climate Diagrams and Normals from Swiss Measuring Stations.

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Population edit The population of Aarau grew continuously from 1800 until about 1960, when the city reached a peak population of 17,045, more than five times its population in 1800. Secondly, the number of people per household has fallen; thus, the existing dwellings do not hold as many people. In 1415 Bern invaded lower Aargau with the help of Solothurn. Retrieved Galgoul, Barbara Wardell; Wilson, Juanita; Konya, Rose, eds. 13 There is also the Trade Museum which contain stained glass windows from Muri Convent and paintings. More than half of the workers in Aarau live in the city's suburbs, or farther away in the surrounding area. History of Switzerland, The first 100,000 Years: Before the Beginnings to the Days of the Present.

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